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The Pilot Program presents: SUPER! an original sitcom written by Jenn Welch, performed live on the PIT stage is TONIGHT at 9:30pm.

When Lisa Fratelli inherited her grandfather’s Brooklyn apartment building, she made the bold decision to quit law school, manage the building, and focus on her budding stand-up comedy career. Five years later, the crumbling building and its needy tenants – including Lisa’s overbearing mother and entitled younger brother – have taken over Lisa’s life. Everything is just super.

Sarah Peele 

Carla Zerfuss Nager 
Nick Carrillo 

Emily Morrow 

David Rysdahl 

Ben Jaeger-Thomas 

Paul Gutkowski 

Ryan Stadler

Original Music Composed by Alex Gallafent

Directed by Cathleen Carr

Featuring Commercials Written and Produced by PITtv

See 3 of our commercials in this show!  Tonight at 9:30pm at The Peoples Improv Theater!

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PITtv team, Philo’s Folly presents: Mr. Joke Explainer

Ted and Nancy deal with the annoying friend who over explains his jokes.

It’s that darn Mr. Joke Explainer!


PITtv team, Philo’s Folly presents: No Talking Attached - Movie Trailer (HD)

Matt and Natalie try to keep small talk out of their carpooling relationship, but it’s not long until they realize that silence can be complicated.

New movie trailer from the producers of “No Strings Attached” and “Friends with Benefits” !

There are some changes on our PITtv sketch team, Philo’s Folly:

We are sad to lose Lorraine Cink and Ariel Karlin, but pleased to welcome J.J. Orgera and Ryan Stadler!


PITtv team, Philo’s Folly presents: Hot Potato Urn!

It’s the all new game! Pass Hot Potato Urn around the circle before grandma’s ashes explode on your face!


Special thanks to Michelle Gabriel, Ben Jaeger-Thomas, and JJ Orgera!


PITtv team, Philo’s Folly presents: Hawkeye: The Forgotten Avenger

Come meet The Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes … and Hawkeye



PITtv team, Philo’s Folly presents: Catfish Wife: Bedtime

Episode 3 of your favorite sitcom about a man who falls in love with and marries an 8lb catfish.


Thank you, Laughing Squid!

Also, I like to think of the PIT as just one large improv group, too.

CLICK HERE if you missed the video!


PITtv team, Philo’s Folly presents: JUST GO OUTSIDE

Social media addiction hurts. Just Go Outside. It can help.

New video!  Check out our latest commercial parody!